AH BEARD Reston Tracker

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A.H Beard Reston Sleep Tracker

A.H Beard's Reston Sleep Tracker is one of the most advance sleep trackers available in the market. This device measures Body Movement, Heart Rate and Breath and Respiratory Rate (all with 95% accuracy) just to name a few. This device along with the Sleep CENTRAL app will ensure that you are making the most of every sleeping hour with weekly reports and sleep coaching tips and tricks.

Sleep Dot Tracker Features

Time taken to fall asleep and hours slept (Tracking)
Sleep Cycle (Tracking)
Body Movement (Tracking)
Heart Rate (Tracking)
Breath & Respiratory Rate (Tracking)
95% Accuracy
Smart Alarm (Sounds Only)
Sleep Aid Music
Comprehensive Sleep Analysis (Daily, Weekly and Monthly)
Sleep Coaching & Tips
Personalized Sleep Score

Sleep Central App

The Sleep Central App allows you to monitor your quality of sleep throughout different stages of the night. This app will also provide helpful recommendations and tips to coach you into getting the best quality of sleep every night.

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