Eco Green Quad Support Firm Mattress

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Eco Green Quad Support

Therapedic's Eco Green Quad Support Mattress is designed to be supportive, comfortable and eco friendly. The technology used in this muli-layered full foam mattress maximises all of the best features of a springless mattress.

The Eco Green's transitional foaming and designed layers contour to your uniques body shape ensuring that you get the necessary added support for your body's recesses whilst providing pressure relief for our natural heavy areas like the hips and shoulders.

Base Layer

The bottom of the Eco Green mattress is the highest density of foam in the mattress and features the unique extrusions providing the foundation of the support structure of the remaining layers of the mattress. These "ridges" also allow for better breathability through the base of the mattress to minimise any excess body heat from being trapped in the mattress.

The density of the base foam varies between the Firm, Soft and Luxury feels of the Therapedic Eco Green range.

Support Layer

This layer is responsible for the "Quad Support" feature of Therapedic's Eco Touch mattress, the support layer is designed to have "waves" to provide different zones of foam ensuring that the mattress contours to your individual shape. This provides focused sections of the mattress for greater support for your body's natural lighter areas and better pressure relief for high pressure sections like the hips and shoulders.

Middle Layer

The "middle layer" of foam acts as a continuance of the supporting shape of the previous layer, it also provides a transition between the firmer foams of the Base and Support Layers and the Softer foam in the Top Layer to ensure that your body feels a sense of weightlessness and comfort. This is the final layer of Resilen Foam; Therapedic's premium range of High Resilience Spanish Made Foams.

Top Layer

The final layer of the Therapedic's Eco Green Quad Support range of mattresses is a lower density, open cell foam. This Soy based foam is designed to maximise comfort & provide pressure relief to help decrease recovery times for your muscles. The open cell structure means that this eco friendly mattress will breath, creating the ideal conditions for a perfectly undisturbed nights sleep.

All of these layers are covered in stretch-nit fabric.

The edges of the Eco Quad Green range are a higher density ensuring you are provided with an edge to edge sleeping surface without the feeling that you are going to roll off the bed. Therapedic have backed their mattress with a 16 Year Guarantee, so you will be sleeping comfortably and with confidence for years to come.

Adjustable Base Compatible

This mattress is compatible with our range of adjustable bases. These bases allow you to adjust your mattress into a range of positions which can help with circulation, injury recovery, pain relief, snoring and more.

If you are looking for a mattress that provides excellent support, unbelievable pressure relief and supreme comfort than look no further than Therapedic's Eco Green Quad Support Firm Mattress.

We are so confident that you will love this mattress that we are giving it Mattress & Pillow Science's 30 Day Comfort Guarantee*.

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