Magniflex Magni-Stetch 12 Luxury Mattress

Size: Long Single
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The mattress that stretches your spine.

Discover the innovative and patented Magni-Stretch mattress, which has been designed to meet your individual needs and provide a full energy boost. This technological and innovative mattress ensures exceptional benefits to the spine, thanks to the subtle traction exerted during sleep, with a Medium Firm level of comfort.

Ideal Comfort

One technology, two different comfort levels. Choose your preferred comfort between soft, for a gentler and cozier support, or firm, for a sturdier support.

Patented Stretching System

It uses the pressure applied by the body and distributes the weight across the entire mattress. The titled sections move in opposite directions.

Fabulous Support

The multiple layers that form the core of the mattress ensure optimal support to the back.

Stretching System

The mattress that favours stretching of the spine. The chequered and stretching construction ensures differentiated zone support and stretching of the spine, in addition to ventilation in the core of the layer. The two Elioform and Eliosoft layers provide optimum support. The
covering is in Magniflex Style. It offers a Medium-Firm comfort level.

Superior Comfort

The Eliosoft layer (5 cm) with the Stretch construction, gently 'stretches' the back towards the opposite sides of the mattress, providing a relaxing effect and a correct level of comfort. In addition, the "chequerboard" construction on the surface that comes into contact with the body ensures greater breathability and differentiated support divided into zones.

Made In Italy

The worldwide best-selling Magniflex mattress boasts exceptional craftsmanship as it is meticulously made in Italy, ensuring superior quality and attention to detail in its construction.

Australia-wide Delivery

We send the MagniFlex mattress anywhere in Australia!

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

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