Tempur Seat Wedge Pillow

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Tempur Seat Wedge Pillow

Tempur® The worlds biggest selling premium pillow and mattress brand.

Tempur is the world’s Number One selling Premium Pillow/Mattress brand. This means that millions of people around the globe are benefitting from the Tempur® Material that was originally developed at NASA to relieve the pressure build-up from the G-Force experienced by astronauts during lift-off. The Tempur® material is a visco-elastic, temperature sensitive material that moulds to the exact contours of your body. This gives you total support where you need it and no counter pressure, providing a feeling of weightlessness and sheer comfort.

Recommended by Medical Professionals Worldwide.

Over 75,000 Medical professionals all over the world recommend Tempur® products to their patients who have sleep difficulties, back, joint or neck problems because of its unique pressure relieving qualities.

Better Posture and Pressure Relief

The Tempur Seat Wedge Pillow is made from Tempur's world famous memory foam. This pillow is expertly designed to not only provide pressure relief whilst sitting but also promote better postural alignment. The cushion pushes the pelvis forward which brings the back up to a more neutral posture.

This pillow is ideal for anyone experiencing pressure pains whilst sitting or for anyone that is spending large amounts of time in a sitting position.

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