A Guide To Choosing The Best Pillow For Migraines

A Guide To Choosing The Best Pillow For Migraines - Mattress & Pillow Science

Sleep is designed to help the body recover, and waking up to a debilitating migraine can be one of the most frustrating feelings you can experience. In this article, we discuss how memory foam is one of the best solutions available to manage a splitting headache.

Pillows that provide the best support

A contoured pillow is one of the most recommended options to help manage headaches in Australia. With its bean-like shape, contour pillows feature a curved middle that allows your head to rest naturally in place — as the shape of the pillow conforms to the curve of your spine.

If you’ve been suffering from morning migraines, you might need to reconsider your pillow selection. A pillow for migraines will properly elevate your neck and head in line with your spine to relieve stress and strain on your muscles and nerves to prevent headaches from coming on.

Top-level sleep solutions

At Mattress and Pillow Science, we recommend memory foam pillows for their responsive design that will eliminate pressure points and conform to the shape and profile of your neck and body — delivering a plush standard of comfort you’re sure to love. You’ll find that contour pillows are available in various options, including cooling pillows. These designs feature a gel layer on the top of or throughout the foam construction that helps you maintain a cooler temperature and encourages heat dissipation. This offers more comfort to those who find a cold compress helps manage the pain of a migraine.

Additionally, the profile of your pillow is important to consider for those who wake up with migraines as the height of a pillow delivers different levels of support for different sleeping positions. If you’re a stomach sleeper, you will find a low profile pillow most suitable, while a medium and high profile pillow is best for back and side sleepers.

The best pillows for neck pain and headaches in Australia

If you’ve been struggling to find the proper support for your sleep, look no further. Finding the best pillow for neck pain and headaches in Australia is easy when you have a range selected by sleep professionals to choose from. At Mattress and Pillow Science, we offer you the best range of pillows for headaches, migraines and neck pain. Whether you're after pillows for neck pain, memory foam pillows, chiropractic pillows, or cooling pillows, we have you covered.

Shopping online with us is easy. Thanks to our low flat-rate shipping and free delivery on orders over $150, you can get fantastic sleeping solutions delivered to your door for more convenience.

Do you need help finding the right pillow for migraines, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and one of our team members will be there to help you.


What kind of pillow is best for migraines?

Choosing the right pillow is an investment in your health. Memory foam or latex contour pillows are the best pillows for neck pain and headaches as they elevate and support the neck, keeping your vertebrae in their natural position to minimise nerve irritation and support spinal health.

Can pillows give you migraines?

Just like the wrong shoe can give you blisters, so too can a pillow give you a headache. Whether your pillow is too high for your sleeping posture, it has lost its shape, or its fill has compacted, a poor quality pillow will offer inadequate support to your neck and head — increasing the chance of you developing a headache or migraine in the morning.

How do you know which pillow is right for you?

If you’re unsure about which pillow is right for you, think about where you’ve experienced a good, quality sleep without neck pain or headaches in the morning. Whether your best nights were in your childhood bed or a hotel, compare your sleep with your experience at home. If you experience better sleep outside your own bed, perhaps your current pillow is not suitable for you.

Since 2005, Mattress and Pillow Science has worked closely with back care professionals, physiotherapists, osteopaths and chiropractors to offer a specialised, curated range of the best pillows for neck pain and headaches in Australia. We are the experts in providing top-quality sleep solutions, so you can feel assured you’re in the right place for the perfect pillow.

Can memory foam pillows give you headaches?

Memory foam pillows can give you headaches if you haven’t them to pillows to air out. While replacing your pillows when needed is essential, it is vital to let a memory foam pillow air out and release any smell of chemicals. This process is called off-gassing and should only take a day.

What's the best pillow for neck pain and headaches?

Contour pillows are the best pillows for neck pain and headaches. With their unique, curved form, they conform to the shape and profile of your neck and head — promoting good spinal posture. By properly elevating your head, they keep your head and neck aligned to remove strain and stress on your nerves and muscles so that you can enjoy a quality, deep sleep.

We also recommend selecting a low profile pillow that won’t cause your neck to stress from stretching to reach a high profile pillow.

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