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Contour Advance Pocket Spring Mattress Firm

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Comfort Sleep Spinal Contour Advanced Firm Mattress

Supporting your body is essential when you sleep; you spend such a large part of your life in bed you don’t want to regret choosing a mattress that isn’t up to scratch.

The Comfort Sleep Spinal Contour Advanced Firm Mattress uses advanced bedding technology that is specially designed to provide your body with excellent support. The zoned pocket spring system works with the unique characteristics of your body to provide the correct amount of support from head to toe.

Great care has been taken in the construction of this mattress to fill it with the ideal materials; each layer has been designed with the purpose of improving your sleeping experience.

Most notable of these is the layer of Gel Form X, which uses Australian Made Liquid Gel to assist with spinal contouring. The unique open cell formula used in this layer also helps to regulate your body temperature.

If you are looking for that extra bit of support from you mattress then the Comfort Sleep Spinal Contour Advanced Firm Mattress will have you covered.

3 Zone Contour Tech™ Spring System

The springs in this mattress are specifically arranged to provide you with excellent support no matter your body shape or the way you sleep.

Each one of the hundreds of springs is individually wrapped so they will move independent of each other. This allows each one to adjust specifically to the pressure it is put under giving you a personalised sleeping experience.

This is enhanced with the three zone system. Different parts of your body need different levels of support when you sleep. The springs in the different zones are tailored to each section of your body so they receive the correct amount of support; this also helps create correct spinal alignment.

This system is also excellent at minimising partner disturbance, the individual springs help dissipate movement and weight differences.

Gel Form X

This section of the mattress uses advanced liquid gel technology to provide you with numerous benefits while you sleep.

Australian made liquid gel has been injected into unique open cell memory foam to create a layer of material which will support you and keep you cool at night.

The gel absorbs and stores the heat in your bed, while the open cell structure increases breathability, these combine to stop your body from overheating.

This technology also provides an exceptional amount of support. The material will mould to the contours of your body which will assist in relieving pressure while you sleep.

It will all alleviate the pressure usually associated with points of concern such as the hip and shoulder area, thus improving your sleep.

Spring Insulator

This layer is specially designed so you get the most out of the springs in your mattress. This layer of insulation helps protect the springs from any outside intrusions.

It also helps with thermo regulation as it can adjust the airflow through the mattress to help provide the right amount and deliver an optimal sleeping temperature.

Natural Wool Layer

This layer of soft and cushy natural wool adds an extra level of comfort to the mattress, when you lay down you will feel at ease thanks to the springy and plush texture of the wool.

The wool also has the added function as acting as a natural insulator; it is very breathable which helps it to regulate the temperature of the bed.

This will help create the optimal sleeping conditions all year round to keep you comfortable and help maintain a deeper sleep.

Breeze-X 3dm

This advanced mesh technology promotes increased airflow throughout the comfort layers, regulating the overall mattress temperature and helping achieve a deep, restful sleep.

Edge to edge support

This section creates a perimeter of double coils to provide and addition side support for your mattress.

They enhance the overall mattress sleeping surface and make sure that you will receive support right to the edge of the mattress.

They also offer assistance to the internal springs as they support them and protect them from external forces.

Premium Comfort Layer

This section of the mattress combines at least two layers of premium high density comfort foam with differing levels of hardness.

This helps provide a smooth transition in feel between the softer upper sections of the mattress and more supportive lower layers giving you the perfect balance between comfort and support.

The foam is highly durable and features a unique open cell formula which aids in breathability and temperature regulation.

Additionally, the foam is Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) certified which not only means it is produced in a manner which is healthy for the environment but it reduces negative effects on your health.

The Comfort Sleep Spinal Contour Advanced Firm Mattress combines some of the best mattress features on the market at an excellent price point to create a supportive sleeping environment.

It will provide you with personalised, contoured support while keeping your comfortable. This is all backed with a 10 year guarantee and Mattress & Pillow Science’s 30 Day Sleep Satisfaction Promise, Australia-wide delivery and Free Delivery to Metro MELBOURNE!

(BRISBANE, SYDNEY & ADELAIDE Metro starting from $39). Invest in a better sleep. Buy Online Now!

Australian Standard Mattress Sizes

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Long Single 92cm x 203cm
King Single 106cm x 203cm
Double 137cm x 187cm
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