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Kelly & Windsor Quilts

Shop Kelly & Windsor quilts made from Australian premium wool and quality natural fibres. Quick Australia-Wide delivery - Low Flat Rate Shipping or FREE over $150 to help you enjoy a better night’s sleep. Buy online now!

Kelly & Windsor’s alpaca quilts are renowned for their beautiful softness and lightweight feel

Combined with cutting-edge production techniques, these top quality fills and fabrics create quilts that are insulating, soft, and cosy.

Our range of Kelly & Windsor quilts include not only their famous alpaca quilt range, but a great variety of breathable blended bamboo quilts, lightweight cotton and quality Australian sheep’s wool.

Their bamboo and alpaca blend quilts are a great choice for all seasons as they combine the best of both worlds, the remarkably insulating qualities of alpaca wool and the refreshing breathability of bamboo.

At Mattress and Pillow Science you’re sure to find what you want in our online catalogue.  Don’t delay - speak to one of our healthy sleep specialists today for expert advice.

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With over 20 years of experience, Kelly & Windsor is Australia’s leading specialty quilt and bedding accessory company. Made from premium alpaca wool and quality natural fibres, Kelly & Windsor quilts are renowned for their beautiful softness and lightweight feel. If you’re looking for a luxurious alpaca quilt in Australia, look no further than the Kelly & Windsor range at Mattress & Pillow Science today.

High-quality alpaca wool for premium softness 

Combining cutting edge production and manufacturing techniques, Kelly & Windsor quilts are made from very rare, high-quality alpaca fleece and bamboo. Naturally, alpaca fleece varies considerably from one farm to another, from animal to animal and from one season to the next. So at Kelly & Windsor, a great deal of attention is paid to ensuring that only top-quality fleece is collected and used to create quilts that are insulating, soft and luxurious.

Alpaca quilts for year-round comfort

Naturally moisture-wicking to help keep your body cool while you sleep, some of the top lightweight quilts on the market are made with bamboo. On the other hand, alpaca fleece is known for its insulating properties — warmer than both goose down and sheep wool. While alpaca fleece quilts are more insular than sheep wool variations, they’re lighter and allow for skin breathability throughout the night. So by combining bamboo and alpaca fleece, Kelly & Windsor quilts take the best of both worlds and create a blend that is ideal for all seasons.

While the Kelly & Windsor 100% alpaca and bamboo blend quilts are our best sellers in their range, we also stock their sheep wool and alpaca fleece quilt blends. For those looking for a slightly heavier quilt, wool is naturally more substantial than alpaca fleece. Accordingly, the blend between the two natural materials creates a luxurious, soft and warm quilt. 

Shop Kelly & Windsor quilts today

Whether you need a single, double, queen, king or even super queen quilt for your bed, browse our extensive range of Kelly & Windsor quilts online today. Featuring 100% alpaca fleece, sheep wool and alpaca fleece blends, as well as their famous bamboo and alpaca quilts, you take your pick from their well-renowned quilt blends in your ideal loft count — with quilts from 200 to 300, 499, 450 and even 500 GSM in our range. 

As a proud stockist of Kelly & Windsor and other local brands like MiniJumbuk, Downia, Bambi and more, when you buy alpaca, wool and allergy-friendly quilts from Mattress & Pillow Science, you support Australian business. Browse the ensure quilt collection today and enjoy free Australia-wide shipping on all orders over $150.

For more information about our wool, cotton, microfibre or alpaca quilts in Australia, please don’t hesitate to contact our team online.


Are Kelly & Windsor alpaca quilts good?

If you’re looking for an extremely high-quality quilt, look no further than Kelly & Windsor alpaca quilts. As one of the rarest and finest natural animal fibres in the world, alpaca fleece quilts are very special. But what makes Kelly & Windsor quilts so good is their exceptional standard of quality. From sifting through the fleece to ensure it’s of a consistent quality to the innovative manufacturing processes and the final packing of their alpaca products, there are multiple quality inspection checkpoints throughout the Kelly & Windsor quilt creation process. If any quilt is not 100% up to their high standards, it is assessed and reworked — not a single Kelly & Windsor product that isn’t up to scratch will be shipped. 

Are Kelly & Windsor alpaca quilts warmer than wool quilts?

Due to the hollowness of alpaca fleece fibres, alpaca quilts are warmer than wool quilts. Similarly to bear fur, alpaca fleece allows air to permeate the surface and then traps that air beneath the surface while it warms up due to body heat. This is why wool quilts — even though heavier than alpaca quilts — are not as effective at insulating or providing as much warmth as Kelly & Windsor alpaca quilts.

Why choose Kelly & Windsor quilts?

With nearly two decades of experience, Kelly & Windsor is Australia's premier leading manufacturer of high-end luxury alpaca and specialty natural fibre bedding collections. Not only are their products innovative and made with premium quality materials, but they are known for their customer-focused outlook. With an extensive system of quality control checks to ensure the highest quality alpaca fleece, bamboo and sheep wool, Kelly & Windsor never let a second-grade quilt leave their premises. With a wide selection of pure alpaca and alpaca blend quilts for all bed sizes, you can rely on Kelly & Windsor for soft, comfortable and cosy quilts all year round. 

Is Kelly & Windsor Australian made?

Yes — from farming to design, manufacturing and packaging, Kelly & Windsor is 100% proudly Australian. So, if you’re looking for a comfortable, warm and lightweight alpaca quilt in Australia for every season, look no further than Kelly & Windsor’s wide range of local bedding products.