AMC Superior Mattress

Size: Single
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AMC Superior Innerspring Mattress

Bonnell Spring System

The bonnell spring system was one of the first spring technologies on the market. It is wide at the bottom and the top and narrow in the middle and is often interlocked by a horizontal coil to provide better weight distribution.

Climatex Quilting

Climatex Quilting is a high loft fibre that offers both temperature regulation (read below) and added pressure relief. The additional layers act as a separator between the sleeper and the springs. Pressure relief is very important for the recovery time of muscles and stimulation of blood flow.

Furthermore, this material is great for temperature regulation.

Ultrafresh Treatment

One of the most common causes of sleep related asthma and allergy reactions is dust-mites and bacteria on your mattress. Our mattresses are treated with Ultra-Fresh protection which inhibits the growth of bacteria and encourages a happier, healthier mattress and a sneeze-free sleep.

Australian Made

This mattress is proudly Australian Made. You know that when you are buying Australian Made, you are buying a product that is of the best quality and you are supporting Australian production and the Australian workforce.

10 Year Guarantee

Being Australian made, you know that you are getting a good quality mattress. We pride ourselves on bringing our customers mattresses from great suppliers that offer the best warranties. This mattress is backed by a 10 year warranty so you can be sure that you will be sleeping comfortably for many years to come.

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