Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

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Cabeau Evolution S3 Travel Pillow

Trying to sleep while travelling can be a pain in the neck, so bring the feeling of sleeping at home with you with The Cabeau Evolution Pillow.

Whether it is trains, planes or automobiles this travel pillow will have you sleeping easy and arriving at your destination well rested.

This award winning Evolution® Pillow is made from soft, supportive and responsive memory foam, it provides 360 degrees of coverage to your head and neck so no matter what position you end in you will be comfortable.

The foam is encased in a high performance moisture wicking fabric which is washable and quick drying, perfect for those who are on the move.

This pillow is filled with features which supplement its high quality memory foam core. It has a flattened rear neck which fits well with seat headrests and raised sides for extra head and chin support plus Its adjustable sliding support toggle means it can be modified to your liking.

Keeping up with modern day travel, this pillow also has a zippered media and storage pouch for mobile device or any other items you want to keep close while you sleep.

It also features Cabeau’s patented Seat Strap System which allows you to attach the pillow to the wings of the seat headrest to reduce movement and further improve support.


Straighten Up with Cabeau

Cabeau’s Evolution S3 is designed to keep you supported.

The thin back promotes neutral spinal alignment helping to relax your back to release tension that otherwise strains tight muscles in your neck and shoulders.


Reduced Dipping or Swaying

The Evolution S3’s unique 360° support ensures that you head doesn’t dip or sway to help maintain an upright position for more relaxed rejuvenating sleep.

Breathe Easy with Cabeau

Cabeau’s Evolution doesn’t just encourage straight and proper posture, it also helps keep your air passage ways open.

This reduces mid-travel snoring helping you breathe easier.

Travelling light is also a concern for many, thankfully the Cabeau Evolution Pillow is lightweight, coming in at only 329 grams and it has a premium travel case which can compress the pillow to one quarter of its full size when you are not using it.

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