Magniflex Dolce Vita 12 Luxury Mattress

Size: Long Single
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Comfort is for everyone without compromise.

Dolce Vita Dual 12 of the Dolce Vita line is inspired by the excellence of Made in Italy and the Italian lifestyle. The combination of materials like Memoform, Elioform, and Eliosoft, along with the refined cover in Viscose and the innovative Outlast® fabric, provide soft support at 12” of height. The Dual Core technology ensures the perfect comfort for couples with different comfort preferences.

Innovative Dual Feel Mattress

The Dual Core technologymakes it possible to choose a different comfort level by simply flipping the cores of the mattress. The Soft side features a layer in Memoform (2") and Elioform (1") for a pleasant cozy sensation. The Medium Soft side on the other hand features a layer in Eliosoft and provides increased support.

Made In Italy

The worldwide best-selling Magniflex mattress boasts exceptional craftsmanship as it is meticulously made in Italy, ensuring superior quality and attention to detail in its construction.



Derived from cellulose, viscose is a soft high-tech fiber with a silky texture, very pleasant to the touch. It has an excellent ability to dissipate moisture, encouraging the perspiration of mattresses and pillows.


Memoform is the most anatomical of all the materials used in production and is designed to react to the weight of the body and to adapt perfectly to any type of build.


The exclusive innovative and thermoregulating Magnicool fabric which, thanks to thousands of silicate material micro-particles distributed between the fibers, provides an immediate sensation of coolness.

Super Soft Fiber

The Super Soft Fiberpadding boasts exceptional qualities ofsoftnessandbreathability. Its particular composition offers a feeling of exceptional well-being and improves the perception ofcomfortduring sleep.

Ideal Comfort

One technology, two different comfort levels. Choose your preferred comfort between soft, for a gentler and cozier support, or firm, for a sturdier support.

Fabulous Support

The multiple layers that form the core of the mattress ensure optimal support to the back.

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