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Flexi Pillow - Latex

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Flexi Pillow Latex Contour

The Flexi Pillow Contour Range was initially designed to be sold by back care professionals, but is now available at many exclusive bed stores as well. Mattress & Pillow Science sells the entire Flexi Pillow Range.

All Flexi Pillow Contour Pillows are designed with a double lobe contour to support the neck and to provide a fantastic, peaceful night’s sleep. They are adjustable to 4 different heights so that one size will fit all (or most).

Australia’s Most Popular Adjustable Latex Pillow

The Flexi Pillow Latex Contour Pillow is Australia’s largest selling adjustable Latex Pillow, online in bed stores and in Health Professional’s clinics.

Recommended by Back-Care Professionals

The Flexi Latex Contour Pillow is popular with Back-Care professionals largely because it is supportive yet comfortable and provides a more natural sleeping surface. It improves your sleep posture at the same time as providing you a peaceful, more natural and comfortable night’s sleep. It’s a pillow that is of medium/firm feel and will suit most people. It has a Gentle to Moderate contour that supports your neck in a most natural way which makes it easy for those who want to transition from a traditional shaped pillow to the more supportive contour pillow without compromising comfort.

Pillows for Neck Pain, Headaches and Migraines

Pillows in themselves are not pain relief devices. This pillow is designed using leading edge materials such as high quality memory foam. This will help relieve pressure from one’s sore spots and may relieve pain (Neck Pain, Headaches or Migraines) that is related to incorrect or bad sleep posture from sleeping on an inappropriate or inferior pillow. This pillow is designed to improve your sleep posture, so that you sleep in a neutrally aligned position.

All-night postural support with the natural benefits of latex

The Flexi Pillow Latex Contour Pillow is made from natural latex, which is from the sap of the Rubber Tree. Latex is naturally hypo-allergenic, dust-mite resistant and anti-microbial.

The Flexi Pillow Latex pillow provides the tremendous support qualities that latex offers. It has pin-holes running through the pillow to improve air circulation and to enhance coolness. One of the reasons why latex is used in mattresses and pillows is its unparalleled durability and longevity – The Flexi Pillow Latex is no exception

It’s the contour that counts!

When purchasing a contour latex pillow it is important to know that the contour shape will help and not hinder your sleep, posture and comfort. All Flexi Pillow contour pillows have passed the test of time and the ultimate test of being recommended or sold by health professionals.

Note the shape of the contour/curve is Gentle to Moderate, designed to provide support and keep your spine neutrally aligned whilst asleep and Gentle to Moderate enough to ensure that you still experience the comfort of a traditional shaped pillow.

Note the shape of the section for back sleepers, the foam has a rounded edge and a 45 degree slant so that it supports your neck and keeps you well aligned whilst asleep.

Height Adjustable – One size fits most

The Flexi Pillow Latex Contour is made from natural latex in a density of approximately 45KG/M3 helping provide you a comforting, supportive sleep. Gentle to Moderately contoured to help you achieve a healthy sleeping posture. The Flexi Pillow Latex pillow can be adjusted to four pillow heights to suit all body types.

As you can see in the diagram there is a removable base section which allows one to a customize the pillow to two different heights. Because there are contours (curves) on both sides, you get 4 different heights to choose from.

Washable and Removable Bamboo -Rich Cover

The Latex Contour Pillow is covered in a Bamboo- Rich removable and washable cover. This Bamboo Fibre has thermo-regulating properties is breathable. It helps keep you warm during winter and cool during the hotter months. Bamboo is naturally mould resistant and super absorbent.

Made from: Natural latex.

Firmness: Medium.

Shape: Gentle to Moderate contour, higher on one side, lower on the other.

Ideal for: People who prefer latex and need a highly supportive, medium feel pillow. Because the contour is very gentle this pillow is good for those who are not used to sleeping on a contour pillow. Offers a Gentle to Moderate level of pressure relief. Ideal for people who are looking for a more natural sleeping environment. Stomach sleepers can use this pillow but we advise against sleeping on your stomach under most conditions.

Cover: The soft cover includes bamboo, which is a natural and eco-friendly fibre that is supremely comfortable, soft and naturally anti-bacterial.

Size: 55cm (L) x 36cm (W).

Care: Avoid direct sunlight; sponge clean foam; warm hand-wash cover. Do not machine wash, dry-clean or tumble dry. We always recommend you use a good pillow protector.

Customer Reviews
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Jenifer D.
Flexi pillow

The pillow is fantastic, haven’t woken up with a sore neck since using this pillow

Aheleas K.
Adapted to the pillow very quickly

I actually bought two and as soon as the pillows came we used them the same night. We both had a great sleep on the third day another family member wanted to try, so they gave it a go and I haven’t seen it since so now I need to order another two. So that only tells you IT A WINNER.


I love the way there is a slightly lower edge for resting on your back, and a higher edge for side sleeping. Was worried it might not fit in a standard pillow case, but it does, no problem. Fantastic service too.


After persisting with my old latex pillow for about 8 years I had to replace it cos it was not in good shape! And I was starting to get a crick in my neck which I suspect was the pillow on it's last legs. This one has been amazing so far and great value too. Saw a lot of other latex pillows around which were way more expensive.

Great pillow, zipper disappointing

I have a bulging disc in my neck and have had difficulty finding the right pillow. I have found it with this one, the contour, height, and density are just right for side sleeping (for me), and for the first time in years I wake up free of pain. But after only a single wash of the bamboo cover, the zipper was difficult to do up. On closer inspection, the fabric either side of the teeth of the zipper is snagging on the zip mechanism. I can do it up, but have to be excessively slow and careful not to cause further damage. Despite this, I would buy this pillow again, it's worth the money.