The Health Benefits Of Choosing A Good Quality Pillow

The Health Benefits Of Choosing A Good Quality Pillow - Mattress & Pillow Science

Having a high-quality pillow under your head is not only comforting, but it can actually play a crucial role in maintaining your physical and mental health. Just by cushioning your head, a good quality pillow can significantly alleviate pressure on your head, neck, shoulders, hips, and spine.

Read on for more information about how high-quality pillows can give you a restorative sleep and for tips to find the perfect option for you.

The importance of a high-quality pillow

With real effects on your physical, mental and emotional health, the importance of a high-quality pillow can’t be underestimated. Getting your 8 hours each night is essential, and a good quality pillow can help you experience this every night — allowing your body and mind to rest and recover from the day, keep alert in the workplace and maintain meaningful connections with family and friends.

A high-quality pillow can help improve your general wellness and your lifestyle. While getting enough sleep has always been a general recommendation for those wanting to lose weight, it does impact your metabolism and appetite. A good night’s sleep and a good quality pillow help balance your ghrelin and leptin hormones so you can properly identify when you are actually hungry and when you’re satisfied — and not over-eat.

Good quality pillows to help treat body aches 

In addition to balancing hormones and making us feel rejuvenated in the morning, our physical health is hugely dependent on the quality of sleep we experience. 

There is nothing more frustrating than waking up feeling tired or, even worse, sore. We have a considerable understanding of the role sleep plays in our health, and now, more than ever, you’ll find high-quality pillows designed to help relieve body aches, migraines and headaches. 

Living in the digital age means our necks are often strained working for long periods behind a computer or scrolling through social media on smart devices. To prevent these problems from compounding, a pillow for neck pain or a chiropractic pillow will help keep your spine in a neutral alignment — supporting your spine, hips and shoulders. With your neck properly elevated, the pressure that accumulates across your joints and muscles is alleviated, allowing you to wake up feeling pain-free and rested.

Good quality anti-snore pillows for those who have trouble sleeping

As we age, many people experience snoring and sleep apnea. Anti-snore pillows and contour pillows can help eliminate or reduce the frequency, sound, or severity of these issues by encouraging a side-sleeping position that keeps your airways as open as possible for steady breathing.

Say goodbye to morning migraines

If you’re prone to waking up with headaches and migraines, it may mean that your pillow is not providing the sufficient support you need. A high-quality pillow for headaches and migraines should support your neck and spine to minimise nerve irritation and encourage long-term spinal health. A memory foam pillow is another excellent option that conforms to the natural shape of your neck, shoulders and spine to leave you in a healthy sleeping posture.

The right temperature is key

Not all people can fall asleep right away. If you’re a hot sleeper, you’re likely familiar with tossing and turning before exhausting yourself to sleep. Cooling, gel and bamboo pillows are specially designed to disperse heat quickly so you can enjoy the cool side of the pillow every night — even through summer. 

Choosing good quality pillows to support your sleep

A high-quality pillow ensures you can achieve a supportive and restorative sleep each and every night. Choosing the right pillow for your typical sleeping position is essential to maintaining healthy spinal health and sleeping habits for now and into the future. 

  • High loft pillows — Ideal for side sleepers, high loft pillows have a higher profile that ensures your head is in line with your spine. You’ll often find that latex pillows are made with a high loft for their resilient construction that springs back to their original shape.
  • Medium loft pillows — A good quality pillow for back sleepers, medium profile pillows ensure your head and neck are properly supported to prevent neck pains and irritated nerves that can cause headaches. 
  • Low loft pillowsLow pillows are best for tummy sleepers. They position your head closer to the surface of your bed so your neck is closely aligned with your spine.

Additionally, many high-quality pillows feature copper and graphite treated casings that are antimicrobial to ensure a healthy and hygienic sleeping environment.

The place to find the best pillows in Australia 

When it comes to choosing the best pillow in Australia, Mattress & Pillow Science is the place to trust. Seeing as we spend a third of our days and lives sleeping, it is essential that you choose a pillow that can provide the highest levels of comfort and support. After all, buying a pillow is an investment in your health. 

Whether you’re after a pregnancy pillow, travel pillows, a pillow for kids or something else, review the list below to find leading high-quality pillow brands: 

If you’re looking to enjoy nights of deep restorative sleep, look no further than Mattress & Pillow Science for a complete range of high-quality pillows that cater to every comfort and support level. From a traditional feather and down pillow to new-age memory foam, we are sure to have everything you need.

If you need help selecting the best pillow for you, contact us for expert recommendations. 


What makes a pillow high quality?

A high-quality pillow is one that can reliably maintain its shape and level of comfort and support for long periods. Latex and memory foam are especially good quality pillows with their durable, resilient builds that last longer than woollen, fibre and feather options.

What should I consider when choosing a pillow?

There are a number of factors you should consider when choosing a high-quality pillow. First and foremost, make sure you find one that offers enough support if you have any issues with neck pain, headaches, and snoring problems. Secondly, a good quality pillow should conform to your sleeping position — ensuring your head and neck align with your spine. Lastly, determine whether you prefer a soft, medium or firm feel. This will allow you to identify the pillow material best suited for your preferences. 

If you enjoy the feel of a firm pillow, feather pillows, latex pillows, and microfibre pillows might be best for you. Or, try memory foam and wool pillows. Want more comfort? Check out memory foam pillows. 

What is the perfect pillow height?

A medium profile pillow is generally considered the best and most healthy position for sleeping. However, the perfect pillow height depends on your sleeping position. For example, low loft pillows are best for tummy sleepers. Medium loft pillows are preferred by back sleepers, and high loft pillows are great for side sleepers.

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